Monday, January 31, 2011

Things to make this year:

I wrote a list.

Of things I want to cook throughout this year.

They are a mixture of things I've always wanted to make myself and things I'd like to try.

I'll write it here because then it will be a little more permanent than a piece of refill which I am very likely to lose.

Erin's list of things to make this year:

Scotch eggs
Polenta (sweet and savoury)
Bread and butter pudding
Mille crepes
Tea flavoured scones or hot cakes (I have recipes)
Banana, peanut butter and anko donuts
Anko manju
Clams (and other sea creatures)
Chestnut rice
A roast
Steamed buns
Stretched tea
Museli bars
Rice pudding
Garlic bread
Yorkshire Puddings

Yum yum yum. :)

*note: the ones in italics are those I have created.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooking escapades

This blog is intended to be used to document my cooking escapades over the next year and potentially beyond. Partially for myself - so I don't forget what I've cooked and I can remember how delicious everything was (non-delicious things will be eradicated from this blog and thus from my memories) - but also for my family, for they may be curious as to what I am dining on (and hopefully jealous, too ;D) and also, I guess for anyone else out there that is curious although I highly doubt that anyone else will ever read this.

The title 'Shokuji Desuyo' is, Japanese of course ("食事ですよ") due to my fanatical (and somewhat random) love of all things Japanese. I guess it kind of just translates to 'Food's up!' (if said in an assertive manner). In fact, I hope many of these posts will include Japanese meals and treats, as I have been using my translating skills (XD) to (kind of ) translate the Japanese recipe books which I own. Including the one that makes pretty much everything out of pancake mix. Next I hope to buy the recipe books which is full of things to do with mayonnaise.

Don't get me started on mayonnaise.

Cooking is quite simply awesome. And I hope to project this love of mine and make some amazing things this year. Amazing by my standards at least, which admittedly are pretty low, as there are few things I really dislike when it comes to food. Anyway, lets just say i'm looking forward to delighting my tastebuds and making way too many dishes.