Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooking escapades

This blog is intended to be used to document my cooking escapades over the next year and potentially beyond. Partially for myself - so I don't forget what I've cooked and I can remember how delicious everything was (non-delicious things will be eradicated from this blog and thus from my memories) - but also for my family, for they may be curious as to what I am dining on (and hopefully jealous, too ;D) and also, I guess for anyone else out there that is curious although I highly doubt that anyone else will ever read this.

The title 'Shokuji Desuyo' is, Japanese of course ("食事ですよ") due to my fanatical (and somewhat random) love of all things Japanese. I guess it kind of just translates to 'Food's up!' (if said in an assertive manner). In fact, I hope many of these posts will include Japanese meals and treats, as I have been using my translating skills (XD) to (kind of ) translate the Japanese recipe books which I own. Including the one that makes pretty much everything out of pancake mix. Next I hope to buy the recipe books which is full of things to do with mayonnaise.

Don't get me started on mayonnaise.

Cooking is quite simply awesome. And I hope to project this love of mine and make some amazing things this year. Amazing by my standards at least, which admittedly are pretty low, as there are few things I really dislike when it comes to food. Anyway, lets just say i'm looking forward to delighting my tastebuds and making way too many dishes.

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