Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cooking, cooking and more cooking!

What can I say?

Cooking for myself and Ryan over the last few weeks has been a deliciously fun adventure. Every Saturday (usually night) we choose the recipe plan for the week. This usually involves me pouring over recipe books, getting really excited and wanted to cook everything. By some miracle, this system works and we choose on seven meals for the week ahead, usually with one 'easy' meal - something like pizza on a ready-made pizza base or the traditional Folster-family Friday night dinner of eggs on toast.

Sunday is shopping day and then the fun begins for one more week!

Some of the things we've made include:
Scotch eggs (Ryan's favourite)
Spanish Lamb stew with pumpkin scones (my favourite)
Pasta and pumpkin bake
Miso stuffed fish
Steamed pork buns
Gyoza (Japanese fried dumplings)
Intense salads
Delicious toasted sandwiches

And the list goes on.

I've even had the chance to do some baking! Only two sets of cookies so far, but in the future this list will surely expand immensely.

Sadly, while I do take photos, they don't come out looking really professional-like, but I'll keep working on them to make this blog even more purdy and professional-like.

Well, appealing to the eyes at least.


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you have a system that works well for you. :)

    I'm intrigued with your list. I so curious what scotch eggs are. Eggs poached in scotch instead of water?

    I also have no idea what a pork bun, miso or sukiyaki are. Gosh...your blog is most interesting to follow. I'm gonna learn a lot it sounds! :)